How do viewers place themselves within a neutral white cube? How does work function within this cube? How much information should an artist to provide? Is work always inherently about the self? Must an artist's work always be obvious? If an artwork is overlooked by its audience, does it still impact its occupied space? Will an audience reject visually banal objects? Would an audience ignore an object that appears to be nothing? If an object states that it is nothing, does it then actually become nothing? How long will a viewer sit and ponder something seemingly trivial? Is this in itself performative? Must the actions of a performance always be seen? Is the residue of a performance piece entirely different from the action? Is any of this important? I'm still unsure.




Bachelor of Fine Arts – Intermedia

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

September 2009 to December 2012

Master of Fine Arts – Performance

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

August 2013 to May 2015

Selected Exhibtions

The Kyber ICA

Halifax, NS, Canada

February 2011

Performance Series

April 2011

Just This Once: Performance Exhibition

September 2012



Carbon Arc Independent Cinema

Halifax, NS, Canada

April 2011

Approaches to Non-Fiction

August 2011

Expanded Cinema


Anna Leonowens Gallery

Halifax, NS, Canada

July 2012

Body of Work


Seeds Gallery

Halifax, NS, Canada

August 2012 - May 2014

(No title)


Pigeon Gallery

Halifax, NS, Canada

February 2013

House of Strangers


Mediteranneo Centro Artistico

Almeida, Spain

November 2013



Gallery MD_S

Wroclaw, Poland

November 2013

Borderbody II


Mana Contemporary

Chicago, IL, USA

February 2014

Transpositions: A Performance Laboratory


Experimental Sound Studio

Chicago, IL, USA

April 2014



Defibrillator Gallery

Chicago, IL, USA

October 2014

Someone, Many People, Probably

August 2015

Collected Woes


Nightingale Independent Cinema

Chicago, IL, USA

December 2014

Untitled Show


Sullivan Galleries

Chicago, IL, USA

May 2015

MFA Show


EXPO Chicago

Chicago, IL, USA

June 2015


Gunder Mansion

Chicago, IL, USA

October 2015

Not Unlike Any Land


Bunker Projects/SPACE Gallery

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

June 2016

Performance Art Festival 2016


ARC Gallery

Chicago, IL, USA

June-July 2016

It Figures


Co-Prosperity Sphere

Chicago, IL, USA

November 2016

Fluid Bound


Flux Factory

New York, NY, USA

March-April 2017

The Endless and Beautiful

Mobile Collapse Labyrinth